Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Suddenly Cancels Concert


The Smashing Pumpkins are currently in Europe to perform in London and Bologna, the final two shows of The Shiny and Oh So Bright tour. Corgan was also scheduled to perform a solo show in Milan, but he has now suddenly canceled the show. Corgan’s Twitter account posted:

“We regret to inform you that due to health issues, WPC has cancelled his Milan show on Oct 17. Those who purchased tickets will be refunded. He fully expects to be back to good health for the Bologna show on Thursday Oct18.”

Corgan announced plans for his next solo record on his Instagram page a few weeks ago, “It’s been a spell since I rambled on. The occasion of my finishing a newest solo work (name as yet undisclosed) serving as today’s flame. I’ve also misspoke, prior, as the record is 17 songs, and not 16. My poor math plaguing my cohort @howardwilling_thebear as we moved forward through space and time in the mix. These songs, many of which were conceived during the ‘30 Days Trip’ with @lagana and @jocephusbrody at the beginning of 2017, and consequently -before- ‘Ogilala’ was released, meant they had to endure.

Through a very long period of gestation, fits and starts, SP work, holidays, my 50th bday trek, and whatever other stuff I get up to. Plus 2 separate trips to Nashville (the first recording session at Blackbird having been incomplete and unsatisfactory in terms of my performance). And not that it’s highly important, but I’ve self-funded the record as well, betting on myself rather than try to convince others why such work is salient when it has almost no chance of being heard in the usual commercial circles. Which thankfully I can report @smashingpumpkins latest is. So there isn’t an ungrateful strain here I’m singing, just a humble acceptance of what is; and not letting that in the slightest way diminish my enthusiasm for these efforts. For I tie Rick Rubin’s support on ‘Ogilala’ with re-firing my brain on songwriting and the success we are enjoying, once more, in dear ‘ol rock and roll. These planets tying together whether or not the casual systems of observations notice who’s tree falls in the forest; and when.

So to repeat for those who haven’t followed my Q+A’s, the album will be released in 2 parts: part A coming early 2019 (digital only, maybe cassette?), with part B towards the end of the year (where the whole work will be available on vinyl). With hopefully @brandonrike and his team handling the art. As far as promotion, David Lagana and I have some ideas that relate to our prior American sojourns, but figure in both cases we’d partake in more so an art installation residency than a wandering about.
Lastly, I cannot thank those of you who support me enough for the encouragement and celebration you provide ????? lots of love, WPC.”