Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Can’t Finish’ New Album?


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith discussed the band’s new album with John Frusciante on After School Radio with Mark Hoppus on Apple Music Hits.

Chad Smith on the next Red Hot Chili Peppers album…

“We’re doing. Yeah, we’re making it. It’s good. I can’t say too much because these things, people are like, “You said it was coming out and blah, blah, blah.” We’re recording. We’re in the latter phases. It’s sounding great. It’s exciting. We’re so lucky and fortunate to be able to make that music well, and it’s such a weird year last year, so we’re, we’re going to make it. And when it’s done, it’s going to be a cake that’s baked and it’ll come out and then we’ll go play some concerts when it’s safe and everybody’s can go have a great time and we can have a great time together. And so that’s all going to be, we’re going to come out in guns a blazing.”

Chad Smith on jam sessions with producer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt…

“Well, Andrew is quite, he’s something as you know, he’s just amazing. So we do, we jam on all kinds of stuff, but also, any records that he’s doing, he needs a drummer. He just calls me up and says, “Come on over and play.” And it’s fun because he, that’s not my normal thing. He does some rock stuff, but he does a lot of pop stuff too. You know, I’m playing like Dua Lipa records. I’m like, “What’s this?” He’s like, “Oh, trust me, she’s really popular.” I’m like, “Okay.”