Smashing Pumpkins Call Out Jimmy Chamberlin Backlash


The Smashing Pumpkins called out fans who claimed that Jimmy Chamberlin does not drum on the band’s new single “CYR.” A former Smashing Pumpkins bassist recently dropped a reunion bombshell.

A fan named Arkady_G commented, “A song for hipsters…no perfect drums from my hero Jimmy! No guitars..just focused on Billy in TheFutureEmbrace Vol. 2 and the singer [thumbs down emoji].”

The Smashing Pumpkins responded, “If you’re expecting to hear the past you’re following the wrong band. And this is Jimmy.”

It’s unclear if Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha, or Jeff Schroeder wrote the response. Corgan himself recently posted on social media about the death of baseball legend Lou Brock.

Corgan wrote, “As a Chicago Cubs fan, it’s in our blood to detest the St. Lou’s Cardinals, for they are our stated rivals and I’ve seen so many great teams through the years come into Wrigley and just beat the stuffing out of our Cubbies: and when they couldn’t hit, like those lightning fast Cards teams of the 80’s, they just ran us out of the building instead.

Which bring me to Lou Brock, who passed away today. Mr. Brock was once a Cub and the brass back then traded him away: where he went on to have a Hall of Fame career in St Louis of 3000+ hits while on his way to becoming the all-time steals leader by the time he’d retired.

I remember Mr. Brock playing quite vividly, and he had a grace and grit that stayed with you. And though I never met him, I can’t help thinking of Ernie Banks and the stories he told me of playing, and thriving, in an America that had not yet fully accepted those great African-American stars that changed the game, and of course the world, so powerfully and poetically.

Which makes me stop for a minute and send up a prayer to heaven for Mr. Brock, because if you saw the way he went at you’d understand why.”