Smashing Pumpkins ‘Disrespected’ By Fender Guitars


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed being ‘disrespected’ by Fender Guitars, and how Gibson blew him off in a new Instagram story Q&A.

Will you collaborate with Fender again?

Never. They disrespected me and I would never go back.

How did Fender disrespect you?

Too petty to get into.

Would you work with Gibson to make an electric of your own?

Gibson also blew me off so I’ll play them, but I won’t work with them. Want them to survive though.

The BC-1 sounds awesome and I love the pick-ups. Can you please consider making a signature multi-effect?

Discussing with Yamaha Guitars now.

Why did WPC remove Zeitgeist, TheFutureEmbrace, and Zwan from streaming?

Because I grew tired of being told that the works were irrelevant. So I will re-release when the world is ready to hear them with an open heart. Which is soon, I think.

If you haven’t given your life to Christ, the time is now, friend! Yeshua died/rose for you!

Man, the Jesus people are back on the warpath with me again. First it was ‘God is empty just like me’ lyric.

Christ is who he said that he was: The Messiah. Turn to Christ, eternal LIFE awaits!

OK, dude. Got it.

  • Benjamin Dover

    What the?

  • Bryan Bedgood

    That may have been the most lame interview ever.

    • Chris Ross

      Agreed, but its because Alternative Nation is pulling these questions from Corgan’s Q and A story he puts up on instagram. People ask him questions, and he gives answers of only a few words. I saw him post this a few days ago, but when i read the title of the article, i figured that maybe AltNat. had some insight as to WHY he was disrespected, but NOPE. Just clickbait to a story that I already knew that isnt even a story.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    Baldo Bill calling someone petty is like Kanye West calling someone insane. Pot and kettle and all that. If I were Fender, I wouldn’t want this twat playing his lame, prentious crap on my hardware either.

  • David Kendrick

    Fender disrespected him, Gibson disrespected him……I think it’s sounding like the Great Pumpkin Corgen is nothing more than a typical garden squash! Arrogant fuck!

  • Jeremiah Diblasio

    Awesome, this solidified my decision to have Google stop recommending this site. Clickbait trash