Alice In Chains Make Major Announcement With Limp Bizkit


Avenged Sevenfold recently announced they’d cancelled their tour with Prophets of Rage due to frontman M. Shadows have a serious infection that he needed some time to recover from. This means the band will not be able to make the Louder Than Life 2018 festival, but this also means that fans will get to see Alice In Chains in their place. AIC will perform with Limp Bizkit and Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, and Ice Cube will headline Sunday. Inquisitr reports, “Perhaps most noteworthy inclusion to Louder Than Life is that of hip-hop icon Ice Cube as a headliner. Going back through Louder Than Life history, no rap acts have ever been included as a festival headliner.

Whether or not DWP is hoping to gradually change the image of their festival altogether, or simply include a more diverse festival lineup is unclear, but the move of a less-predictable lineup for 2018 has captured the attention of music fans, both in the Louisville, Kentucky, area and across the country.

Could Louder Than Life or another DWP festival become the next Coachella? Some music fans may scoff, but Danny Wimmer was previously a record executive for labels Geffen, Epic, and Atlantic and has decades of music industry experience. Furthermore, DWP projects over 800 million people to be in attendance at their festivals for 2018.

Lollapalooza, founded by Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction in 1991, originally began as a smaller touring festival. Since then it has evolved into an annual weekend event in Chicago, Illinois, and has drawn nearly half a million people some years.”

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    Brett, just sell your website domain. CLICKBAIT.

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      I think the headline should say “Alice in Chains make major announcement with 51 other bands”

      • Eric Radziewicz

        The idea that AIC’s name is even mentioned in the same headline is borderline blasphemous and should be a felony.

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    So where’s the announcement?

    Clickbait nation…

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    Change title to… 51 bands get together and quit making they’re tired old brand of music

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    lol right, so you have a SLEW of awesome bands like NIN, Deftones, Clutch, Glassjaw, Monster Magnet, Ice Cube and Primus on day one and then a bunch of shitty nu-metal and fake grunge bands stinking up the other two.

    If I were AIC, I would have demanded they boot turds like Yellawolf and Asking Alexander off day one and take their rightful place alongside the other flushable acts on Saturday and Sunday while I played with the other REAL bands on Friday.

  • lima85

    Pretty nice line up, I need to move.

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    Isn’t Body Count (day two) Ice T’s band? Will he be there?