Smashing Pumpkins Drop ‘Siamese Dream’ Tour Bombshell


Smashing Pumpkins’ first Rock Invasion tour was to promote Siamese Dream in the 90’s, and the band were set for a sequel tour this year, but sadly it has now been canceled, with no postponed dates announced.

The Pumpkins wrote on Facebook, “It is with heavy hearts that we must announce The Smashing Pumpkins Rock Invasion 2 tour will no longer be taking place. Though this decision did not come easily, it is our top priority to maintain the safety and health of our fans, crew, and venue staff. Tickets will automatically be refunded at point of purchase. Thank you for understanding.”

A fan named Kristy commented, “As sad as it is, I cannot thank you enough for canceling. I am not interested in putting myself or my fellow SP fans in danger simply to attend a concert. I also am grateful that the money will be refunded with this cancelation so that I can continue to pay my bills. Thank you, and we’ll see you when it’s safer. Be well!”

Gavin added, “Gotta say, that’s upsetting news, but I understand! Do you plan on returning to the same venues when it’s safe to hold concerts again? I was really excited to see the band so close to home in Moline!”

Tyler asked, “Are the 2 new albums that were coming out still coming out?” The Smashing Pumpkins responded, “New album coming out this year.”