Tool Want To Make Sequel To 90’s Album?


In a recent contemplative exchange with Revolver magazine, the enigmatic figures behind Tool, bassist Justin Chancellor and drummer Danny Carey, peeled back the layers of anticipation surrounding a potential successor to their 2019 opus, “Fear Inoculum.” Unveiling the intricate web of challenges and transformations that marked the 13-year interlude between albums, Chancellor offered a glimpse into the evolving landscape that shapes their creative endeavors.

Acknowledging the profound shifts in their individual lives and the inexorable passage of time, Chancellor hinted at a departure from the familiar in their forthcoming musical expedition. “It’ll be different this time,” he mused, emphasizing the preciousness of time and the collective pursuit of efficiency in the creative process. The band, shaped by a tapestry of experiences, engages in fervent discussions on forging a new sonic journey, a testament to the evolving expectations that thread through each band member’s life.

Delving into the meticulous artistry of Tool’s songwriting process, Carey shed light on their formidable filter system. A process so rigorous that only compositions that withstand the scrutiny of all four band members see the light of day. It’s an arduous pilgrimage towards conviction, ensuring that every note resonates authentically. Carey emphasized the enduring reward – a musical vehicle that stands the test of time, providing a canvas for performances that never lose their vibrancy.

Via Blabbermouth – As the prospect of the next Tool masterpiece looms, Carey contemplated the potential musical trajectory, dangling the intriguing possibility of a return to the concise format of their earlier work, akin to the acclaimed “Undertow.” Change, in all its enigmatic allure, holds an intrinsic appeal for Carey, paving the way for unpredictable metamorphoses in the band’s sonic identity.

The conversation took an unexpected turn towards the prospect of an EP instead of a full-length release. Carey revealed that the songwriting odyssey has already commenced, heralding a promising start. Unburdened by the constraints of a record label, Tool emerges as free agents, unshackled and unrestrained, poised to sculpt their musical destiny.

“Fear Inoculum,” heralded as the era’s most highly anticipated album, made an indelible mark upon its arrival in 2019. Soaring to the summit of Billboard’s Top 200, the album garnered accolades from critics who hailed it as a masterpiece. NPR deemed it “worth the 13-year wait,” while Revolver proclaimed it a work of art to be dissected for years to come. Consequence encapsulated the essence, declaring the release as TOOL in peak performance.

As Tool embarks on the enigmatic journey of crafting their next sonic odyssey, the anticipation intensifies, leaving fans and critics alike immersed in a sea of speculation and curiosity. The only certainty in this narrative is the unwavering commitment of TOOL to forge a musical legacy that defies expectations and stands as a testament to the timeless power of their art.