Smashing Pumpkins Original Lineup Reunion Could Be Imminent


Billy Corgan posted a new Facebook video yesterday that seems to hint at a Smashing Pumpkins original lineup reunion. Corgan revealed that he has some huge plans, including that he just finished a solo album.

“I just sort of finished a new solo album, which I’ll give more details on in the near future, but it’s actually recorded, and sort of mostly done. So I don’t know when that will be coming out, but I recorded the album over 2 weeks in California. All new songs, so that’s pretty exciting.”

He also revealed that he will be starting a band with Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder, with every other non-original Pumpkin touring member who has played in a band in the last year also being involved.

“Also Jeff and I are going to be starting a new band. I think I know what the name of the band is going to be, but I don’t want to say for sure yet. That was my James [Iha] impression (does James impression): ‘I don’t want to say for sure yet.'”

“So we’re going to be starting a new band, and we’re going to start working on music next week for the new band. Jack Bates, a friend, is also going to be involved. So right now the band is going to be me, Jack, Jeff, and probably our other friends will be involved as well: Katie Cole, Sierra Swan, Linda Strawberry, and some other friends hopefully will take part. Much different than Pumpkins music.”

Corgan then gave a cryptic update on huge Smashing Pumpkins news.

“Speaking on Pumpkins, there’s some big stuff happening. We’re making plans. I can’t give that away but (scratches chin), it’s going to be interesting.”

Jimmy Chamberlin has been back with The Smashing Pumpkins for over a year now, and James Iha returned to the fold as a special guest for three shows on the band’s spring tour. While Corgan doesn’t come out and say it in the video, the fact that he is forming a new band that doesn’t involve Chamberlin and Iha, and has ‘big’ Pumpkin plans is definitely very ‘interesting.’