Smashing Pumpkins Rare ‘Mellon Collie’ Classic Leaks


The Smashing Pumpkins have posted a photo of Billy Corgan’s iconic silver pants from the Mellon Collie era, seen for the first time in 25 years.

Billy Corgan wrote, “From the WPC/SP archives – the original prototype silver pants, worn during the MCIS photo shoot. Note the clear belt buckle loops. These are not the same silver pants worn during the tour. Designer: @fredsathal.”

Smashing Pumpkins fans weren’t happy with Loudwire ranking Lars Ulrich higher than Jimmy Chamberlin on their new top 50 drummers list. VexxZ posted on Reddit, “I don’t know how but Lars Ulrich ranked higher than Jimmy Chamberlin. This has to be a damn joke. Say what you want, but Lars Ulrich is dog-shit compared to Jimmy Chamberlin and just dog-shit in general.”

ThoughtNinja responded, “I’m a fan of both bands. Pumpkins is my number 1 and probably Met second.

That said Jimmy has Lars beat by such a magnitude I don’t even think there’s a measurement for it.”

RickLSmalls said, “I’m not knowledgeable enough to agree or disagree either way I’d say don’t take these lists seriously. I’ve seen two like this the last few months that had Kurt Cobain in the best guitar players ever and Billy nowhere to be found, and that is a fucking joke.”