Smashing Pumpkins Replace Jane’s Addiction On Tour


Smashing Pumpkins have replaced Jane’s Addiction with Our Lady Peace on tour.

Raine Maida posted, “Touring life can take its toll. Nothing is more important than our mental & physical health. While we are honored @billycorgan & @smashingpumpkins have asked us to fill in for @janesaddiction we realize no one can replace Janes. We will do our best to fill some of that void & wish them a speedy recovery.

@ourladypeace #tourlife #livemusic #spiritsonfiretour.”

Artemis posted on, “It’s painful how easy that was to get right. Last-minute add, post once to create a small amount of intrigue less than a day in advance, knowing people will guess it correctly, then confirm it early.

Well, I haven’t listened to OLP in maybe 20 years, but 12 year old me would be super-stoked to see them, so I guess I’ll just enjoy a night out in Toronto tonight and pretend I’m a kid again while watching geriatric karaoke in a stadium. :noclue:.”

Noonesshocking added, “One thought I had. Perry is not a promoter, but he’s kind of close enough to being one given his involvement with Lolla. He knows the seriousness of contracts and commitments. Billy has also been lobbying him to do lolla for next year. I find it very unlikely that a little fight or blow up created this situation. It’s too high profile to let it slip away like that.”