Howard Stern Reveals What Chris Cornell Did To Wife


Howard Stern recently discussed the late Chris Cornell, and annoying his wife Beth by singing “Black Hole Sun” for days after their 2007 and 2011 interviews. Alternative Nation transcribed Stern’s comments.

Stern first said, “Chris Cornell to me is one of the greatest voices there ever was in rock and roll. I mean that guy could sing his ass off.”

He added, “I would have loved to see Soundgarden in concert. Even though I never got to see him in concert, every time he was on, he would sing. He would do cover versions, it didn’t matter. Whatever he sang, it was just perfect, and moving. You just wanted to weep.”

“When he would come in and do ‘Black Hole Sun’ (poorly tries to sing it). He had such an affect on me that like 5 days afterwards I’m walking around the house [singing Black Hole Sun] and it would drive my wife insane. She goes, ‘Oh, you had Chris Cornell on, huh?’ That’s what happened.”

“He’s one of those charismatic guys that would walk into the studio, and I would just say, ‘There is a rock star.’ He looked like a rock star, he sang like a rock star, but he also had a lot of humility. He was a humble man.” Cornell’s Soundgarden bandmates uploaded an audition video yesterday.