Something Leaked From Incubus’ New Album Listening Party


The lyrics to a new Incubus song titled “Nimble Bastard” have leaked from the band’s recent listening party for their new album. The single will be released to rock radio in a couple weeks. The picture of the lyrics is very unclear, so below are the incomplete lyrics from what we could decipher.

Has it come to this?
We’re stuck in the —
I get it, I’m not perfect, I was never —
But I’m not long for this earth
If we really only ever get one chance
To burn!!
I — before I can see the finish
— would I learn?
I wanna know! — is if you do it?

When you land on your feet, you’re —
And you don’t skip a beat!
Such a nimble bastard!
Salt of the earth
Yeah, can’t you show, — how do you
See all the stars from that far down?

I sung and I miss
And then came the creeps
— makes me want to faint!
I wanna know, how — you do it?
How do you — the paint
And then fit it into a —


The new album vintage Incubus, and shows tremendous range, according to Alt 92.9 Boston. There are rockers, ballads, groovers, and even a 7th song not listed in our program described as a “mustache sniffer” (Brandon’s term for a song that makes you pucker your lips and nod your head to the beat. Hilarious. But accurate.