Billy Corgan Reacts To Terrible Howard Stern Accusation


Howard Stern took credit for taking Billy Corgan back from being ‘off the radar’ in newly leaked 2013 audio. Stern said about the Smashing Pumpkins legend, “Billy Corgan’s album went into the top ten, he was off the radar until us. You know this, and this is fact. Billy Corgan was off the radar, he came on The Howard Stern Show, and he sold albums. How does every record company in the world not know about this? It’s because we aren’t telling them, we aren’t doing our jobs.” Below are highlights from Billy Corgan Instagram story Q&A’s.

Howard Stern takes credit for your high charting in a new leaked video..thoughts? Annoyed me!

“I love Howard and appreciate him more than words can convey. I was in no way offended by what he said. He has been incredible supportive of my work as an artist, and there is no better interviewer in the world.”

Who do you think REALLY built the megalithic sites around the world? (Balbek, pyramids, etc.)?

“Alien technologies used by humans or humans under direction.”

Do you still have that one jacket from the 90’s if so can I have it? Winter is coming!

“You mean the awful one I wore cause it was awful and the press made fun of me thinking I was too dumb to know it was awful?”

Has James considered a signature model?

“Would love if he did that.”

Opinions looking back on Raindrops and Sunshowers?

“I think the recorded version is a miss.”

Have you ever rehearsed Quasar or Panopticon with Jimmy Chamberlin behind the kit?

“No. Would be intriguing to hear him play those songs, though.”

Seems like SP is back for the long haul, energy seems very positive, true?

“Amen. May this always be true. Cause things are really great.”

Billy Corgan called out Dave Matthews Band disrespect in another recent Instagram story Q&A.