Sonic Youth Singer Insults Kim Kardashian


Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon recently took a shot at Kim Kardashian. Earlier this week it was announced that actress Chloë Sevigny and reality star Kim Kardashian were paired together for an episode of Variety’s “Actors on Actors”, during which the two will be interviewing each other. This, in itself, stirred some controversy over Kardashian being considered an “actress.”

Now, Kim Gordon seems to have gotten involved on the fun, recently commenting on friend Chloë Sevigny’s Instagram post announcing the “Actors on Actors” episode.
“Who is the person standing next to you?” Gordon wrote.

It could be that Gordon has blissfully been living under a rock and truly has no idea who Kardashian is. However, that seems pretty unlikely.

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Kim Kardashian faces criticism

Kim Kardashian has been blasted being criticized for appearing in Variety’s Actors on Actors series alongside Oscar-nominated actress Chloë Sevigny. Since the inclusion of Kardashian with Sevigny in this prestigious program was announced where noted actors give insights into their work, fans have been outraged.

The reality TV show star at 43 years old has been considered to be an undeserving recipient of the honor contrasted to the 49-year-old Boys Don’t Cry star.

When it was announced in May that Kim Kardashian was joining its Actors on Actors series, the immediate public reaction was negative.

Social media users took to different platforms following the full interview was published on a Wednesday and expressed their disappointment at how she acted in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Delicate and is being acknowledged for her talent in acting alongside great actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Jodie Foster, Quinta Brunson, and Elizabeth Debicki.

Someone wrote, “Give Chloe an Emmy for acting like anything Kim says is fascinating.”

While another had a lot to say, “Kim is so dull and robotic and speaks slowly to try to make what she’s saying sound more interesting. Chloe’s so real and cool and charming. An embodiment of Beverly Hills speaking to an embodiment of downtown NYC. Kim thinks people will be impressed that she’s included in this but it’s actually just so boring.”