Motley Crue Member Reveals Heartbreaking Drug Use Photo


Legendary Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has been very open over the years about overcoming his drug addiction, and he showed how his heart breaks for other people fighting their demons in a new photo on his photography Instagram page. Sixx shared a photo he took of a man dealing with addiction in France.

“Took this in a small town in France.Broad daylight in a public square.Addiction is a global issue and comes in many forms.It breaks my heart every time I push the shutter.#nikkisixxphotography @nikkisixxpixx @nikkisixxphotography.”

He wrote last month on Instagram about photography, which he has called his new drug, “Took these snaps of @john5official and @rlowery cats the other day…..Considering I used an iPhone and not my @leica_camera these aren’t 1/2 bad.The point of point n shooting is to JUST capture.Every little frame doesn’t need to be so serious or perfect..Its ok to shot from the hip.Just have fun with it.SOMETIMES you just get lucky too ………Photography is so important to me.It at times has changed my view on life. I can’t explain what It feels like to capture magic.Photography and song writing seem like they are from the same crazy family.

I WILL ADMIT, when you get your hands on a real camera its a game changer and then you’re HOOKED like I am.Ive been staring at photos more than shooting lately.Ive covered a-bit of ground as a shooter but I am not satisfied.Im waiting for something new, it’s like a lyric, it just pops into your head.Cant rush it or your gonna ruin it.But I am getting impatient. #leica @nikkisixxpixx #nikkisixxphotography BTW YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR EYES WITH ANY VERSION OF A CAMERA ? SO KEEP SHOOTING. ⚡️?

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