Soundgarden Emotionally Celebrate Superunknown 25th Anniversary


Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron posted a photo on Instagram to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Superunknown.

“25 years young, still kicking ass. Happy Birthday Superunknown!🎂#Soundgarden.”

Chris Cornell was interviewed in 2014 by Rolling Stone to discuss the 20th anniversary of Superunknown.

When you listened to the demos included on the reissue, did anything surprise you?

On the rehearsal for “Black Hole Sun,” I did something I really liked but forgot to do it on the album. I was using a spinning speaker for the guitar part, and on the demo, I would slow it down in the choruses. It gave it this really drunken, cough syrup-y feeling that I thought it made it more psychedelic. But if I did that on the version that came out, maybe that would have changed its appeal in terms of radio play.

“Black Hole Sun” won you a Grammy. Did you know it was going to be a hit?

No, I felt like it was one of those songs where it was a success unto myself, but I wasn’t sure that it was right for Soundgarden. I don’t think anyone in the band thought it would be a single. If you read the lyrics, it’s very surreal, esoteric word painting.

You cut your hair between Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, two years before Metallica. Did you get the same sort of flak for it that they did?

At the time, I never left the house as far as I remember. But a blurb in the entertainment section of Time magazine mentioned that I cut my hair. It would have been different had we been pop stars, but we weren’t. But yeah, I blazed the trail for Metallica by cutting my hair [laughs]. But then they set the bar higher by smoking cigars.