Soundgarden Fans Pitch New Album Singers


Soundgarden fans on Reddit have come up with potential singers for the new album Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, and Ben Shepherd are working on, though they’ll likely use a new name.

99SoulsUp posted, “I wanted to bring back the discussion of the aforementioned Ben, Kim, and Matt album that MC mentioned, particularly the singer question. I’m sure any of us would be happy with them putting anything out, but how do you hope or suspect they will answer the question of a singer? Do you think they bring someone new in? Have multiple guest vocalists, or one of them handle could it?

I personally lean towards them sticking to a power trio arrangement since it’s the chemistry they’ve built over the years. Kim and Ben can be busy enough to make a power trio lineup work, plus a lot of Soundgarden songs can be played essentially that way live. Matt and Ben both can sing and have both been singers in Wellwater Conspiracy and their own solo projects.

I think they could do a vocal blend ala Alice In Chains since their voices could be lend well to that vibe. Matt has a very clean voice that can hit some high notes well. Ben’s voice has a lot of grit and these days more a low end that has elements of Lanegan and Chris’ lower end.

I dunno, I just wanted to dwell on the speculation and was wanting to hear more of others opinions! I’m just excited about them playing together still and will just be happy for them that they can still do it.”

fastballooninghead had the best answer, ” Zack de la Rocha, obviously.” ObligationOwn5122 added, “Reversed Audioslave, I’m honestly intrigued on how that would sound.”

Bengoris wrote, “How has nobody said the obvious choice yet? Eddie Vedder. This guy came into Seattle under Chris’ wings, recorded a tribute album with him and then joined a band of his friends. Eddie now joining Chris’ band and making a tribute album to his friend would be one of the most beautiful full circle storylines in music. If this whole thing was a movie and I was the writer, Eddie would be the singer 100%.”