Soundgarden Recording New Album In 2021


Soundgarden’s surviving members Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepherd are recording a new album, though it will likely be as Nudedragons or another name. Cameron confirmed the news on the Backstage podcast.

99SoulsUp posted, “Um, holy shit Nude Dragons album confirmed. I guess we don’t know the official title but considering all the trademarks they’ve registered under their names and now we have Matt on the backstage podcast confirming the three are doing a record. I can’t believe it!”

Itsthat1witch wrote, “The 3…yes, I cannot wait!!!! I still wish for a TOTD tribute with Ed Ved and SG.”

99SoulsUp added, “I wonder who’s gonna sing? I suppose Matt and Ben could tag team ala Mastadon?”

SerTahu wrote, “That’s the big question for me. If they were to bring in a vocalist who do they go for?

Do they get a big name like Eddie? Do they go for a less appreciated grunge singer like Lanegan? Do they go for someone with a direct connection to Chris, like his brother Peter? Or do they go with someone relatively unknown, like AiC with Duvall or STP with Jeff Gutt? Maybe even William Duvall himself – he’s done well when AiC have covered Soundgarden.

So many possibilities, and such big shoes to fill.”

Pintmantis chimed in, “Why not all of the above! One song each, similar to Slash’s debut album. Eddie, Peter, Lanegan, Jerry, William, Taylor, Lily?! Damn.”