Soundgarden Member Tells Awesome Story About Meeting Chris Cornell At Pizza Parlor


Bhi Bhiman described a part of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron’s eulogy for Chris Cornell on a new Remembering Chris Cornell podcast.

“It reminds me of something Matt Cameron said in his eulogy for Chris.”

He added, “He was talking about the first time he met Chris, and he was in some band playing a pizza parlor at 4PM or something on a weekday. He was like, ‘Who plays that show?’ Nobody was paying attention, nobody cared, but when there is somebody who does care at those empty shows, you play for them, and it helps you get through the show, it helps you perform well during the show. At this one show, Chris was that guy.

He was sitting there like two feet away from him watching him drum, because Chris was a drummer, but he wanted a better drummer, or he felt the drumming in the band could be better, so he was watching him. That was the first time he met him. That was early stage Chris wanting to be involved with somebody doing something good.

He didn’t have the platform that he had later when I was on tour with him in that scenario, but that was always his M.O. I guess, collaborating with other people, working with other people, being humane to other people, and recognizing good talent when it’s there, and helping that talent along, however that might be. That’s something I take with me, that’s for sure.”