Axl Rose Ex-Wife Reveals Beach Suit Photos


Axl Rose was married to supermodel Stephanie Seymour during his Guns N’ Roses prime, and Stephanie still looks to be in her prime in recent beach photos! A Guns N’ Roses member’s wife was recently photographed with Rose’s ex-wife.

She wrote, “Chasing summer🍃 New @ravenandsparrowlingerie coming to @barneysny soon❤️ #ravenandsparrow #stephanieseymour #lingerie.”

She also said, “…and this is how you do a business meeting! #byob ‘bring your own bikini😂.’ @ravenandsparrowlingerie #ravenandsparrow.” Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler liked one of the photos.

Mega_Music reviewed GNR’s Louder Than Life performance over the weekend on, “My quick recap! Legs are sore and haven’t recovered from a 5 hour drive home. The Louder and Life festival was a good time, but I was only there for Guns so finding a place to get out of the heat was best. We ventured down and were fairly close to center stage. Then the Ice Cube set and the annoyance of land whales crowd surfing we moved further back. Before Guns got on we moved back into place closer to the stage. We were about 40 people back from center stage.

The late start caused the crowd to get a little chatty and dropping Axl jokes. However once Guns got on the jokers had their phones in the air. The long 3 hour set and the long solos seemed to clear out people thru the night. Song highlights for me Slither, Shadow, and Nightrain.

Band sounded fantastic!!! Axl also sounded great for 85% of the night. Richard and Slash are a lethal combination. I don’t want to bitch because seeing Axl, Slash and Duff still on the stage together is still a dream come true. However trimming some of the fat could help them. Wichita Lineman has to go and Knockin could be trimmed down even more. Black Hole Sun was a hit with the rock crowd, but I think he could also go.

For those going to the other Rock Festivals, my advice is to find a good spot to watch near the middle. Waiting and dealing with the other people up front gets annoying fast. If you want to be along the rails its best to not do it during a festival stop. Also Merch stand was still open after Guns set, if you want to wait to get your stuff after the show.

I yelled play ‘Hard School’ (a new Guns N’ Roses song, that could be part of the new 2020 album) several times but no one around me seemed to know what that was. Comment of the night, drunk lady talking to her friends didn’t know what song Estranged was, said it must be a new November Rain and she thought it was called ‘JellyFish.’ All and All a amazing night! Guns did not disappoint! I look forward to what the future holds with this lineup.” Axl Rose sleeping at a GNR show was revealed last week.