Soundgarden New Album Teaser Photo Revealed?


This one is going to take a bit of investigative work as the rabbit hole can get pretty deep. Vicky Cornell, Chris Cornell’s widow, recently reposted a photo to her Instagram story showing what may be a teaser to an upcoming Soundgarden album as fans have begun to point out.

In the story photo, there was no real cause to believe the above statement to be true as there was no caption or anything to allude to the fact of it being an album cover. In fact, upon a deep dive, it looks like that the photo was reposted by Vicky Cornell’s Instagram from an Instagram account called ‘spacebar_society’.

Upon looking into the Instagram page, we were able to find a lot of concert photos and little gems here and there from shows from the past and present. The Instagram page also posted up some content from Chris Cornell’s daughter.

We were unable to find the photo that was reposted by Vicky. The photo was either taken down from the page or the photo was in their story and time had lapsed. Upon the investigation into this, we agree that the photo is just a photo and nothing more as of now.

Of course, there is also a possibility to all of this because Soundgarden recorded 7 song demos for a new album prior to Chris Cornell’s May 2017 death, and there has been litigation in the last 4 years over the unreleased final album, but it’s doubtful as it looks right now that Vicky and the estate as well as Soundgarden would use a photo from an Instagram page that holds no real relation to Chris Cornell or the rest of Soundgarden.

Below, you can check out the photo in question which is a luggage box used to hold things like music equipment and lighting for music events. On the luggage box, it has the Soundgarden logo along with the words “Must stay on wheels”.

The best guess is the luggage box was used by Cornell’s daughter and Vicky posted it in correlation.

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