Soundgarden Release New 2020 Lineup Photos


Soundgarden’s surviving members Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron appear to have launched a new Nudedragons Instagram page, along with a Twitter account, with new photos of the band, though it isn’t clear if it is perhaps a friend who is running the account. Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily and Taylor Momsen follow the page.

The ownership of Soundgarden’s social media accounts is one of the things disputed in recent lawsuits with Vicky Cornell regarding the band’s unreleased final album and royalty payments. Soundgarden allege that Vicky has control of the account.

Soundgarden’s Instagram account posted a photo of Chris with his son Chris Jr. the day after the Nudedragons account was launched, with Chris Jr. wearing a Nudedragons shirt. Comments have been disabled on many recent Soundgarden Instagram posts, though a comment on one recent commented posted by clayfishermusic has 107 likes and says, “Why doesn’t @themattcameron Kim and Ben have a say over this page? Who is in control of this account? Why can’t we get a new/final Soundgarden record? Is this really the kind of legacy that Chris would have wanted?”

Soundgarden reunited in January 2019 at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in Los Angeles to perform with Taylor Momsen, Taylor Hawkins, and other guests on lead vocals.