Soundgarden Reveal If They’ll Debut New Music On Spring 2017 Tour


Kim Thayil discussed why Soundgarden will not debut new music live during their spring 2017 tour dates in a new Loudwire interview.

“We’re probably not going to debut new music live. I think we’re kind of in an age where most new music – back in the early days we debuted all this stuff at our club gigs. If any of the bands had new songs, whether it was Green River or Mudhoney or Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden. We’d go see each other do the new material. That was a different time. I think nowadays our material is gonna debut on a recording and a record release, and then we’ll play it live. For obvious reasons, if we went out there and pushed a new song live I think it would end up all over YouTube.

But as far as Badmotorfinger, we haven’t fully discussed that. When the Superunknown 20th anniversary came out we played a few showcases that featured the entire album top to bottom. We have no plans to do that with Badmotorfinger, but so much of the album are included as standbys in our set. From ‘Searching,’ ‘Outshined,’ ‘Jesus Christ Pose,’ ‘Rusty Cage,’ ‘Room a Thousand Years Wide’ and even ‘New Damage.’ These songs, they get a lot of live play so it’s very likely that our set will be filled up with a lot of Badmotorfinger.”

“I referred to that earlier, over the past year we’ve gotten together three to four times. It would have to be in breaks with the Pearl Jam and Chris’ solo touring schedule. So I think now that that slate is cleared, I think in 2017 we’ll find more time for us to get together and write and then hit the studio. Given the writing and recording part, you’d hope to have something out next year in 2017. The whole process is a little different now because of other commitments. We could take breaks in between and do some touring or – it’s hard to tell. I think King Animal transpired over a period of … Trying to think, over a year or so? It’s hard to tell, but I think we could probably aim for the fall of 2017.”