Hailey Bieber Flashes Black Swimsuit In Photos


Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber is back and serving looks as she just broke the internet with some brand new photos of her very luxurious and cozy looking bikini.

We all should know by now that Hailey Bieber is not only great at her career, but her fashion taste is truly on point as well. She always just seems so bold and defines what it means to be fierce, comfortable, and ready to take on the day no matter what is thrown her way.

Check out her newest photo below per Page Six. Hailey isn’t new to being bold at all. She worse a shirt that caused a stir a few weeks back.

If you aren’t a so-called “nepo baby,” then who really are you? That’s the statement that Hailey Bieber also made just a few weeks ago when she had just that on her t-shirt.

Conversation about nepotism in entertainment reached a fever pitch last month after New York magazine published a thorough examination of the not-exactly-new phenomenon.

Just last year, Bieber called media scrutiny “a disgusting thing.” She then also chose to pick a beef when she revealed that Selena Gomez fans do nothing but send her hate comments. If you remember, Gomez and Justin Bieber were an item years ago, so I guess the people are still hurt from this somehow.

Social media and the paparazzi have made it extremely difficult for celebrities to really enjoy much, so it just seems natural that they will show their distaste for any of the above by putting something on a t-shirt instead of saying much, because let’s face it, what can be said that already hasn’t been said before?