Soundgarden Stunned By Crazy Offer After Chris Cornell Death


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil revealed in a new KLOS interview with Steve Jones that it was suggested that for the screening of Soundgarden’s ‘Live from the Artists Den’ concert film at the Wiltern, that he perform live along with the late Chris Cornell. Thayil was on hand to introduce the film at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, where the performance originally took place in 2013.

Soundgarden’s surviving members reunite with guest singers for a performance at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in Los Angeles at the Forum in January. Alternative Nation transcribed Thayil and Jones’ comments. Thayil also discussed Bush and Gavin Rossdale in this interview.

Steve Jones: So you’re not playing tonight?

Kim Thayil: No.

Steve: Why did I get the idea you were playing? Then I thought, who is going to sing? So that makes sense.

Kim: Someone did come up with a crazy idea, because the way this is being mixed, the live show, it was multitrack and they were doing some kind of dynamic mixing. I don’t fully understand what it is they’re trying to do, but every channel is available, and I guess there might be some guy doing some mixing.

Somebody came up with the idea of me playing along to the live concert. I said, ‘No!’ You want me to stand onstage and play along to the film? I mean if there’s a silent movie I suppose I could improvise something, but there’s already music there. Why would I attempt to replicate something that I make up and wing as I go along anyways.

Steve: Whose idea was that?

Kim: I don’t know, someone who doesn’t listen to Soundgarden.

Steve: That was a dumb idea.