Space Mafia’s “Miss Lady” Is One Of Alternative Nation’s Top 10 2018 Rock Songs


Hailing from the Windy City, Space Mafia are a four-piece rock band guaranteed to kick your ass. With a sonic assault that combines sharp guitar work and a thunderous rhythm section. Space Mafia have no shortage of wicked tricks to pull from to create some of the wildest, exciting rock today.

With “Miss Lady”, one of Alternative Nation’s top 10 rock songs of 2018, the vocal melodies overpower you with an instantly addictive feel. Reminiscent of Tiny Music-era Stone Temple Pilots, the vocal work not only stands up to the aforementioned impressive musical stylings, but gives the it a run for it’s money.

if you could only take one thing from “Miss Lady”, it would be the intense immediacy Space Mafia makes look easy. The chaotic section during the guitar solo moves with an insane momentum and excitement that is one part classic 90’s yet so so much what rock music needs as we move onto the next chapter. Space Mafia make a pretty good case to be the leaders of the next rock movement. “Miss Lady” is a solid introduction to the band, but in case you needed that extra little bit of convincing, “Baby Goodbye” will convert you.

Back around Halloween, Space Mafia released “Baby Goodbye” and beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s clear the fellas are onto something huge with this killer track. “Baby Goodbye” oozes with attitude. The distorted vocals throughout and the layered vocal harmonies in the chorus are killer. Space Mafia waste no time getting to the chorus. The quick gut punch of the verses helps the chorus erupt each time it arrives.

“Baby Goodbye” gets its momentum from some truly manic drumming that pounds and builds and keeps you in the middle of a headbang from start to finish. It’s the kind of drumbeat that if you listened to it isolated, it’d probably be a wonderfully crazy musical experience all its own. The mark of a great song is when each of it’s can not only serve the song- but also bring a little extra to the table. It’s not just the vocals and the drums stealing the show here. The guitars are fierce and the bass sits in the mix perfectly.

Space Mafia clearly excel at producing great rock music in an era when rock music is pretty under-represented in the overall spectrum of music. They seamlessly pull off a refreshing attack while having a slight familiarity that sits them perfectly among the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys and Royal Blood.

The anarchic vibe and immediacy of “Baby Goodbye” are all you need to be able to see that Space Mafia are destined to be the future of rock.