How Spirituality Has Affected Rock Music

Examples of positive messages in the rock music scene these days.


There has been a stigma in the past in terms of spirituality and rock. The perception is that they don’t go hand in hand. You can’t be full of angst if you’re walking in a spiritual path. The christian rock genre was born. Bands like DC Talk, The Newsboys, and even Stryper from the 80’s. Now-a-days spirituality is connected with more bands than you would think. The negative climate that we’re in has prompted a need for some positivity. Bands like Memphis May Fire, The Protest, and P.O.D. spew a message that comes from a place of acceptance. As opposed to singling out and attacking. Their’s more of a since of support and guidance. 

Matty Mullins who is the lead vocalist of the band Memphis May Fire talks extensively about his bought with anxiety and depression on the DOMKcast. He equates spirituality as the main weapon that was able to help him overcome these demons. He says this “My faith has played a huge role in overcoming obstacles in my life. Understanding who God is in my life and not just carrying the beliefs that my parents had. Obviously when you’re passionate about something, you have to tread a line of reaching people because you want to and not making them feel uncomfortable.” 


Sonny from the band P.O.D. has been in the rock industry for years and started his own outreach group called The Whosoevers. They travel to high schools across the country and deliver a positive message that is designed to give people hope for their future. Speaking about the expectations of his organization, Sonny says this ”We’re not Southern Baptist, we’re not Pentecostal. We’re just real people trying to figure out our faith like everybody else.”.


Josh Bramlet is apart of a young -up-and-coming band called The Protest from Indiana. Spewing uplifting lyrics in their songs. It is the cornerstone of what you can expect from the band when you go see them live. Josh encourages fans at their shows to talk to him afterwards if their music has affected them. Spewing positivity is Josh says this “I just say what God lays on my heart. We’re just trying to uplift people.”


Perhaps spirituality is more prevalent these days as a reaction to negativity. A movement was created based on a need for change. A desire for something better. It is possible to convey a positive message with a distorted guitar in the background. Perhaps those have the most impact. No need for a church organ and dusty hymnal here.

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