Spotify Singer Ends Joe Rogan Boycott: ‘I’m Broke’


Here’s the thing about Joe Rogan; he knows how to lead masses and wherever he goes, many follow. Joe Rogan’s fanbase has been described as many things. Some would say that Joe Rogan’s fan base is extreme and seemingly never ending. Others would say that Joe Rogan’s fan base is almost cult-like and relentless with their undying following for the podcast host. We have seen many instances of Joe Rogan fans blindly following his information without much thought put into it.

On the lighter side of Joe Rogan ideologies we have Rogan talking about the carnivore diet which many then jumped on. The diet is a meat and animal product only diet which had Joe raving after he lost some weight. The diet excludes all fruits and vegetables. Many jumped on the diet and experienced success while others became vitamin deficient.

Fast forward to now and Joe Rogan has been under fire for many of his stances – some of them political and some of them he feels are sending a message. This caused chaos with a lot of people with topics such as Covid and other hot button instances. The backlash grew and grew heavier until Neil Young demanded he be taken off of Spotify completely as a finger to what Rogan stands for. Other artists followed as well.

One artist that wanted to join the movement was Katie Pruitt who stated that she wanted to join in solidarity with the other artists, but she needs to stay on the platform as long as possible to be able to financially stay afloat, so she’s stopping her boycott efforts.

Katie stated: “Honestly wish I could take my music off Spotify as a form of protest but my broke ass actually needs the .00331 cents per stream. If you’re thinking about cancelling your Spotify membership please also consider buying concert tickets/merch/vinyl ect.”

Spotify will be adding a type of warning label to future Covid Rogan episodes from now on as well.