Bono ‘Frustrated’ By Pearl Jam Denying Request


The Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder recently revealed that U2 frontman Bono was quite frustrated with him. Vedder recently joined in for an interview with the New York Times when he spoke about how Bono felt about him.  Previously, Eddie Vedder’s rant about retirement was also reported. 

Eddie Vedder reveals why Bono was frustrated

Vedder described how people reach out to him and reveal some ‘powerful stories’ about their interpretation of music. He believes that he should not be given credit as it is the artist who is more deserving of the appreciation.

Here is what he said:  

“People tell me powerful stories about what the music means to them, so, in that way, I know what they get out of it. When people tell me that stuff, I don’t feel like I should get credit. They’ll say that a song helped them, but, ultimately, I’m like: “You did it.” Really all I can do is hope that other people appreciate the music that I like.”

Vedder further revealed having conversations with Bono, who had opined Pearl Jam to work harder. Vedder claimed that according to the U2 member, Pearl Jam ‘didn’t want rock ’n’ roll to become a niche” and he was also frustrated. However, Vedder was quite satisfied with the work that the band dished out to the fans.

Eddie Vedder added:

“I’ve had conversations with Bono back in the day. He was suggesting that we needed to work harder and that you didn’t want rock ’n’ roll to become a niche. He said that when U2 makes a record, it’s like they’ve got a racehorse and they don’t just want the horse in the race, they want to win the race. I said we race the horse and then we let the horse run free. I wasn’t trying to be clever. That was the truth. He was frustrated with me. But the dream was to be in a group that toured and recorded, and we were OK with things being scaled down if that allowed the dream to survive.”