Steven Adler Claims Guns N’ Roses Have Recorded ‘Brand New’ Material


Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler thinks Frank Ferrer and Slash recorded new parts for the “Shadow Of Your Love” single.

He told WRIF in a recent interview that Alternative Nation transcribed, “We recorded that song, that song is not the same song we recorded. When we recorded Shadow Of Your Love, we recorded it when we did the EP Live Like A Suicide. If you’re listening to it, that’s not me playing drums on it. The guitar has obviously been put in, because it sounds newer.

The vocals, the bass, the rhythm guitar, that’s from 1985, but the drums, that’s not me playing. I know how I play, and that’s not the same guitar solo. You can hear it, it sounds brand new. Half the song sounds really old, and the drums and lead guitar sound new. They have better equipment nowadays, and we did that demo for 300 dollars. It sounds different.”

“This was 1985, in 1985 we did the Live Like A Suicide. I really don’t think that’s me playing, because if you listen to Live Like A Suicide, the drums sound completely different to Shadow Of Your Love. The guitar sounds completely different, it sounds like it’s been added in there, with better technology than we were using on that 300 dollar demo tape.”

  • Olga Stewart

    I’m wondering what the point of this particular article was?

    • Dysnomia

      To let us know the drums aren’t played by the original drummer and that the lead(s) aren’t from the original.

      • Olga Stewart

        Well, Steven mentioned that about two or three times in the article.

        And so, I didn’t think that needed a whole article to be explained.

        Hence my aforementioned question.

    • lima85

      I’m beginning to think that Adler is on the GnR payroll, appearing as an ex disgruntled employee. However in reality he’s really working a pr angle for them, where else are they getting all this mention in the press?

      • Olga Stewart

        Either that or he really can’t let go.

        And at this point, it’s quite embarrassing how Steven goes on and on about this.

        • lima85

          I met him in Camden Town in 05, he was so together and clear headed and seemed ok w Adler’s Appetite, I just figured he’s put it behind him. I can see how it could drive a person mad but he has to know deep down that Axl isn’t having any of it. I still think he and Sebastian Bach should form an new band and call it: The Forlorned or The Obsessed.