Brian Johnson Finally Reveals AC/DC Firing Phone Call


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has revealed that he drank whiskey after he was told he was losing his hearing and was asked to leave AC/DC in 2016, with Axl Rose replacing him. He said the first call he got was from The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson’s remarks from a Dan Rather interview. An AC/DC member revealed tragic news from a doctor yesterday.

“Well there’s literally nothing you can do about it, it’s like being shot on the battlefield, it’s just your turn. The lonely feeling, a lot of it is self-inflicted. For me, I’ll be quite honest with you, I went in my office and buried my head in a bottle of whiskey, good whiskey.

The friends around me were fantastic, the first phone call I got was from Joe Walsh, ‘How you doing?’ Then the next one was from Billy Connelley, then all of the phone calls started to come in, the support, it was wonderful. The letters from the fans, it just made me feel good again.” Brian Johnson broke his silence on AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd a few days ago.

AC/DC fans on are keeping the 2020 tour rumors going. InjectTheVenom posted, “I know this is a little bit of a long shot and just another theory lacking any substance, but to add to this speculation thread…. with Glastonbury 2020 on its way, Ive just read that the headliners have been booked a few years in advance, is this normal protocol?

The only reason I say this is because I seem to recall speculation a few years ago about the boys headlining due to someone being spotted backstage who was close to the band in some nature? My memory is pretty hazy so please correct me if I’m wrong… However .. Assuming Brian and Cliff aren’t so keen on a massive tour, id have thought a one off show, tieing in with the 40 years of BIB, would suit them down to the ground….” An AC/DC member recently revealed his ridiculous car.