Steven Adler Criticizes Other Guns N’ Roses Drummers


Steven Adler criticized other Guns N’ Roses drummers in a new Reddit AMA with his mother Deanna. When asked what his favorite Guns N’ Roses song to play was, he said all of them.

Steven: Every single one of them. I still play the ones that I recorded the demo tapes I helped write on “Use Your Illusion”. At least 12, 13 of those. I’ll still practice to those because I love them so much, but obviously, I play em my way, which is the right way.

Deanna: Steven is the greatest drummer in the world. He is my king. He is the best.

Steven: I’m the biggest asshole you’re ever gonna fuckin meet.


Deanna: No son, don’t say that.

He also discussed how he thinks social media has changed music since Guns N’ Roses’ hey day.

Steven: It was more exciting back then ’cause you didn’t find out everything like you do now. Everything is instantly over people’s phones and everything. It was like exciting to read magazines and read about your bands and what’s going on and it’s just a completely different world now. I think I got to catch the end of when rock was really rock. That’s what I miss. I miss going to record stores and hanging out. I miss going to magazine stands and reading magazines and looking at pictures. I miss looking at record albums and reading all the liner notes and looking at the pictures in the sleeves and reading how they did the record and what happened. That was exciting. Nowadays, it’s nothing. You just push a button and you’re on the computer. There’s no liner notes. There’s maybe one goofy picture that’s been photoshopped. I like the real stuff. I like real instruments. Reality. Real. People practicing. I’ve never known one person that practices as a teenager and looked in the mirror and was air guitar playing practice to see how they look and thinking in their head, “Oh, I just wanna play for myself”. No, it’s that I wanna play for the world. And I miss that whole real kinda rock thing, ya know. Music.

Deanna: I miss him. That’s it.

Steven: She misses me practicing my drums in the bedroom. Oh god, please stop! Pleeease!

Deanna: That’s exactly right.

Steven: When he goes to school, I’m throwing these out.