Steven Adler Forced To Sign Contract To Meet With Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose Gave Him ’10 Seconds’


Sidman69 wrote a recap on MyGNRForum of original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler’s interview with Eddie Trunk yesterday. Adler revealed he only got to speak to Axl Rose for 10 seconds during their reunion last year, and received ‘half a smile’ and a fistbump.

– He only saw Axl for 10 seconds during all the shows he played. He told Axl he loved him and hugged him and didn’t get to have real connection time with Axl.

– Said Frank is a wonderful guy and great drummer. He said he was disappointed standing on the side of the stage watching the guys play. He was disappointed flying 15,000 miles to play one song. As you guys know Steven put on a private show at the Roxy in Argentina, he played 3 hours show.

– On January 2, 2016 Slash and Duff both texted Steven that they both wanted to get together and talk to him. Steven went to Duff’s house, and he had him sign a contract just so he could talk to them.

– In March he came down to rehearsals and second rehearsal he got a pinched nerve in his lower back. He was only out for 10 days. He was ready to go for the Troubadour show, but Duff told him no, you are not going to be part of the show.
– Literally a day before Cincinnati shows Duff called him to come to be part of the Cincinnati and Nashville shows.

– He said it was not going to be the same as it was 25 years because not having Izzy there and only playing 1-2 songs it was hurtful and heartbreaking for him. Richard is a great guitar play and he think Richard looks like Izzy.

– Either Australia, Japan, or Thailand was offered. He said he’s not flying that far to only play a couple songs.

– He said he feels so much better because he got closure and he can move forward.

– Steven asked why he couldn’t play more. He said he tried playing another song, but they turned the sound off.

– He said Fernando is a good guy and hopefully has some good ideas for the 30 year anniversary.

– He said he spoke to Izzy. He said Izzy hasn’t been involved because he wants to do it the right way with the original 5 guys or not at all. He said Izzy is the greatest guy he’s ever met and still in touch with him. He said he’ll ask Izzy to talk to Eddie Trunk.

– He wouldn’t rule out sharing stage with GNR provided it’s done right. He wouldn’t mind sharing stage with Frank, but he wants to play more songs.

– He said he wanted to push Frank down the stairs one night so he could play a full show, but he couldn’t because Frank is such a great guy.

– Stage manager Tom Mayhue assigned two songs to Steven. He said he only rehearsed with band at two original rehearsals and it was only Duff and Slash at rehearsal. Only time he had interaction with Melissa and Richard. He said the reason Melissa and Richard fit in is because Axl doesn’t want to see anybody. Very nice people, very quiet.

– Won’t be touring with his side project Adler anytime soon. Sick of playing small venues but if he gets into an already established band he’ll get back on stage.