Steven Adler Reportedly Injures Back, Can He Tour With Guns N’ Roses?


LA Weekly is reporting that Steven Adler is having back surgery, and that he may never be able to tour with Guns N’ Roses.

“For weeks, rumors had been swirling around on the forums that GNR was playing a show at the Whisky on April Fool’s Day as a ‘warm-up’ for the tour. When Steven Adler’s current band Adler cancelled an April 1 show the Whisky, GNR fans saw this as a sign that Steven was joining GNR. But that’s not the case. A source close to the band told me that Adler is having back surgery, which is the real reason he pulled out of the Whisky show. I’ve also been told he’s not ready to tour with GNR, not yet, and maybe not ever.”

If this story is true, Alternative Nation wishes Adler a speedy recovery.