Steven Tyler Angers Joe Perry In Aerosmith Dressing Room Video


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has uploaded a new video of himself marching around with a megaphone, and at one point he walks into Joe Perry’s dressing room. Perry complains that Tyler is ‘too loud.’ Tyler then leaves Perry’s room, and says, “I think he’s really pissed off at me.”

Joe Perry discussed playing with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in Hollywood Vampires in a new Coachella Valley Weekly interview.

“Johnny is a great guitar player, that’s probably one of the big surprises when people come after the shock of seeing him out there then they realize why he’s in the band. He’s got a lot to say. He writes great lyrics and plays great guitar. Everybody in the band are world class and Alice is one of the best front men I’ve ever played with. It’s really about the energy of the live show we’re all looking forward to.”

“It’s really a dream. There’s no pressure. On the last tour we played Wembley Arena and it was voted the SSE Live Award for ‘Best Group’ to perform in 2018. It was a great show. We were really happy with it. The band is probably the best-kept secret in rock and roll. I think if we had more time to tour, certainly more people would know about the band. Because it’s so hard to get out there and actually get on the boards and get everybody not doing their day job to get out and play. It’s really hard to get out. Every gig is like a treasure for us.”