Steven Tyler Daughter Takes Beach Suit Photo


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler‘s daughter Chelsea recently announced her pregnancy, with a photo taken at the beach by her sister Mia. Tyler’s daughter reacted to his sad vocal health scare a couple of days ago.

Mia Tyler wrote, “Ok ok, been itchin to share this… READY?????? My two favorite monkeys went and made a baby nugget. Our Wolf Pack is mighty strong. Ax sure does have a cool gang of cousins. Can’t wait to meet Baby Foster this February. Love you two to the 🌙 and back. Photo by @ssimbari Edit by me ♥️.”

Chelsea said, ” Thank you all so much for your kind messages of love yesterday. Our hearts are overflowing 💕Photo by @ssimbari • Edit by @miatyler.”

Mia said a few weeks ago, “I can’t wait to light fires & snuggle this fall. September 1st marks the start of my happy season. I’m a huge fan of the “ber” months… September, October, November & December. Only 4 months outta the year you’ll see me smiling. I’m madly in love with Fall. I’m gonna snuggle the fuck outta these next 4 months. Who’s with me?” Steven Tyler losing vocal range was detailed by an Aerosmith bandmate earlier this week.

She wrote about her brother Taj, the only son of Steven Tyler, “This is my little brother Taj. He’s a f’n legend and I love him to the moon and back like a trillion times. He doesn’t know this, but he’s actually my voice of reason when something isn’t right.

In real life whenever I torture him he always says ‘get outta here’ and whenever I’m in a situation where I need to make a quick decision, I always hear him say that in my head and that’s how I know if it’s a bad situation. He’s a rad rad gentleman and I really love the cool dude he grew into.” Steven Tyler recently grabbed the leg of an actress in a stunning photo.