Eddie Vedder Breaks Silence On Kurt Cobain In Video


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder paid tribute to Kurt Cobain last night while honoring Daniel Johnston and playing “Walking The Cow” at the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, CA. He mentioned how everyone from Kurt Cobain to Lana Del Rey loved Daniel Johnston. Eddie Vedder ‘finishing’ up with Pearl Jam was revealed a couple of days ago.

He said Cobain ‘was inspired’ by this ‘young man.’ He said that Johnston had a ‘vulnerable heart’ and mentioned he had a ‘tricky time’ with life and that it made for great music. Cobain’s widow Courtney Love made a heartbreaking AIDS and drugs remark the other day.

Vedder also discussed how meeting your heroes has actually been great in his case, whereas many can fear it. He said specifically he has loved meeting Barack and Michelle Obama, and that they are ‘tremendous.’ He mentioned the meaning of Ohana fest, and appeared to talk about how it sounds similar to Obama. He said, “You could have named it the Obama fest.” The only other time Vedder got political was when he showed an image of a child over the border wall during “Isn’t It A Pity.”

Vedder was joined by the Red Limo String Quartet for the first time in North America, as they have joined him before on European tours, and he mentioned it was the first time in America for a couple of them, and also singled out that it was a member of the group’s birthday, and he led the crowd in singing happy birthday. Eddie Vedder made a major Ozzy Osbourne announcement a few days ago.

For fans hoping to see video of the full show including the Cobain speech, it is reportedly on a Ten Club Facebook group if you are a member, and we have a clip below of the performance that was in honor of Johnston where Cobain was mentioned during the tribute prior to the start of the song.