Steven Tyler Demands Huge Money To Meet Aerosmith Fans


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry want big money from fans for upcoming meet and greet concert tickets in Philadelphia.

Philly Mag reports, “Of all the bands from their era that are still touring, Steven Tyler and his pals put on one of the best and most high-energy shows. Amusingly, a concert ticket with meet-and-greet privileges with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will set you back $1,849. Wanna just meet the rest of the band? Less than half that. August 16th and 18th at the Borgata.”

Joe Perry is currently on tour with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in Hollywood Vampires to promote their new album.

Alice Cooper recently told LA Weekly, “Johnny and Joe wrote together, while I was out with Glen Sobel who also plays in my band,” Cooper says. “Then we’d bring it together. It really feels like a real band now. Everyone is busy doing their own thing but then we come together and it’s very natural. It was fun to sing somebody else’s angst. Johnny’s had a rough year, so a lot of his lyrics have been about that. Jeff Beck is a hero of mine so having him on is a treat for me.”

He also discussed balancing time between bands. “You know, it’s very easy because it’s very different,” he says. “With the Alice Cooper show, I play a role, a character. That’s what I’ve always done. Here, it’s a band and I’m one of them. We call ourselves a bar band — that’s what it is and it’s the same for all of us. Our guitarist is Johnny Depp, but we don’t think of him as Johnny Depp the actor. Music was his first love, so to us he’s just our guitarist. It’s nice to be back in a band again.”