Steven Tyler Photographed After Falling Down At Aerosmith Show


Steven Tyler has shared a funny photo of himself after falling down at an Aerosmith ‘Deuces Are Wild’ residency show in Las Vegas.


Steven Tyler and Aerosmith bandmates Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer recently told Variety that they have no plans to retire.

“We have tabled that idea that wrapping it up,” says Whitford. “It just doesn’t sit well with us, so we swept it away. We all feel like we want to keep on working and don’t have a good reason to stop. So if people still want to come out and see us, we’re going to be there, until one of the arms falls off or people stop buying tickets.”

Kramer agrees. “I don’t think that we’ll ever stop touring until something devastating happens. There was really no reason to do that [farewell tour]. It was something that we were thinking about, but everybody was in a different mindset then, and now everybody is re-excited and re-ignited about doing this. And we’ve had a change in management, which has been a really positive step for us,” he adds, referring to Larry Rudolph, who has been a leading force in the Vegas residency. “He’s a brilliant guy but also a really nice guy. And everybody in the band likes him.” That helps? “It sure does,” the drummer laughs.

Tyler is even more blunt when he looks back at all that goodbye talk from a few years ago. “It was something that we were talked to about by managers and other people: Why don’t you go out and call it a farewell tour? Everybody knows that if they call the tour a farewell tour, that you’re gonna sell out every night because you think people are gonna come and see you. Unless you’re KISS, and this is their eighth farewell tour. And I always said to the band, ‘I will never do that.’ It’s a f—ing embarrassment.”