Maynard James Keenan ‘Stole’ From Surprising Tool Bandmate


Maynard James Keenan hilariously stole Tool bandmate Adam Jones’ Marshall cabinet at a concert in Cleveland earlier this week. Tool savagely warned rude fans that they would be ‘ejected’ a few days ago.

systemaencephale posted on Reddit, “He pretended to sneak across the stage (à la Elmer Fudd) during Adam’s synth breakdown during (I believe) Pneuma, and “stole” an obviously empty Marshall cabinet. He took it back to his perch on the right side of the stage and held a little finger auction for it. He interacted with the crowd a lot there.

He also did a lot of playing around, sitting on ledges and swinging his legs like a kid and hand-puppeting the last screams of Vicarious he doesn’t sing anymore. It seemed like he knew people would freak out about him coming to the front of the stage for the amp, he had to shush everyone to get us to stop cheering!”

Alice In Chains ‘ruining’ the new Tool album schedule was recently revealed. The Reddit user added, “Justin also pretended to unplug and de-tune Adam’s guitar a couple times. Also, at the end of their last song before intermission, the whole band just froze in place, Danny standing up and staring above him. After about 10 seconds the lights went off for intermission, and Danny came back and played a super impressive Gong-only solo, then moved to his kit for a massive alternate version of CCTrip. Killing Joke’s keyboardist also guest spotted for the solo during Jambi, and they changed the rhythm of the breakdown a bit which sounded crazy. Oh, and that fiberglass curtain is pretty damn cool too!”

Tool are currently touring ‘Fear Inoculum’ in North America, with the band set to tour in Australia and New Zealand in February 2020.