Steven Tyler Reveals If He Hated American Idol


Hollywood Life recently interviewed Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and asked what he really thought about American Idol following his departure from the show in 2012, and if he’d come back, and he seemed to enjoy his time on the show.

“It depends on who’s on with me,” he said. “I really think that Randy was — maybe people would say he was good for his time. He was great for his time. He was 10 years a leader and then he would walk out, ‘Yo dog!’ and we’d be sitting there for 8 hours, seeing kid after kid after kid — like 300 kids in Minneapolis auditioning, and you’re sitting there like, ‘Oh hey!’ Some people get dressed up in the car, as a car, other girls, red lipstick and you know. And he made the best of it of some times that weren’t so good, but would I do it? Yeah, I’ll do it.”

He also said, “I didn’t know what I was getting into doing American Idol. Sitting next to JLo and Randy — once I had lunch with him. I met him over at the Sunset Marquis. I knew that I could do a TV show with him. I’d never done TV, but to be able to show my personality without being in a rock band was something I had not done.”