Steven Tyler Wears Women’s Clothing In Stunning New Photo


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler looks great wearing women’s clothing in a beautiful new photo on his Instagram page.

He wrote, “MISSING MAUI🤙🏼🍍🤙🏼…YOU ONLY GET 1️⃣ CHANCE TO LOVE YA MUTHA ((EARTH))…MAKE IT COUNT… #EARTHDAY 🌎💙(📸 @katbenzova_rockphoto).”

Tyler told WWD in 2011, “Somewhere in 1967, when I was in high school, I remember getting made fun of because I wore cowboy boots. I sewed buttons on each side of the cowboy boot, which I attached to my pants, so they wouldn’t ride up. The haircuts and the style of clothes that I loved were Mod English, Carnaby Street, Anita Pallenberg.?

I loved it so much, and got made fun of by kids in my school and kids in my band. I would have my clothes made in 1971, I bought bolts of stuff, and they made jackets and pants. Those styles I would wear, and Joe [Perry, Aerosmith guitar player] would come over and say, “That looks great. Do they make that for men?” It was so over-the-top.”

“It’s just my favorite s–t to wear?zippered-up bell-bottoms, where inside the zipper I put a red handkerchief inside blue jeans. When you open the zippers, you see the handkerchiefs.

If you were to go through my closet right now, you’d lose your mind. I have 300 square feet from the last 40 years, 20 clothing racks. I got boots from hell from everyone from what Brian Jones [of the Rolling Stones] used to wear to boots I’ve designed recently. Just tons of stuff. I’m exploding with ideas. Andy [Hilfiger] came to my L.A. house, you couldn’t walk through [the closet] either. You need a seeing eye dog to get through it all.”