AC/DC Icon Disgusting Drug Meltdown At Show Revealed


Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing discussed late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott in a new Full in Bloom interview, calling him ‘very clean’ and ‘very polished.’ He also referred to him as ‘genuinely dapper,’ but also described him throwing up in towels at concerts, seemingly showing how Scott was able to hide his struggles with addiction. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.

The interviewer asked, “I think you’ve said somewhere he’s throwing up in the towels and stuff like that?”

“Well, there was that… but he would come to the side of the stage and it was probably his way of getting rid of something that was probably be causing him to ‘fall over.’ [Laughs] It was his way of doing it his way.”

Despite Bon Scott doing this at some shows, he said Scott was in general a class act, and didn’t look like he was struggling.

“Yeah, he was, as I said in the book, a real gentleman. Bon Scott never looked stressed, wrecked or anything else other than totally in control, very clean and very presidential.”

He said Scott always delivered the goods onstage.

“Well, yeah, but even then, he was very polished and deliver-the-goods style, you know.”

Bon Scott died in 1980 at the age of 33.