Stone Temple Pilots Are ‘A Little Sad’ About What Fans Told Them


Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo discussed the band’s upcoming tour in a new Ultimate-Guitar interview. He referenced STP asking fans to vote on their setlist, and being ‘a little sad’ by the results.

The plans now are to gear up for a tour?

Yeah, that’s kind of what’s on the table right now. We’re gonna get in rehearsals and suss out some stuff. I know the band’s real eager to do some stuff we’ve never performed live.

Some deep cuts?

Some deep stuff. I’ll tell ya, man, I’m a little sad. We did this thing online where we put out to all our listeners, ‘Pick our setlist.’ Man, it was just all the hits and there was no deep track in there. The first song everybody wanted to hear was ‘Interstate Love Song’ – 65% wanted that and 58% wanted ‘Plush’ and ‘Sex Type Thing.’

You wanted fans to choose the more obscure songs?

I was expecting to see that they wanted to hear ‘Atlanta’ or ‘I Got You’ and it didn’t happen. [Laughs]. But we’re gonna dig into it anyway and pull out some material we’ve never ever played.

What does it feel like having Jeff sing all those old songs?

He sings it beautifully but I’ve got to tell you I’m really, really thrilled about what he brought to this band and what he brought to this new record. Once the record is out and people have the opportunity to absorb it a little bit, I’m really looking forward to delving into that. Look man, I don’t wanna shove new music down anybody’s throat. It’s like, ‘Absorb it and if you like it then come see us play it.’