Stone Temple Pilots Celebrate ‘Tiny Music’ 25th Anniversary


Stone Temple Pilots have launched a retro 90’s looking website to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop. A deluxe edition is in the works, and could be announced on Friday, the anniversary of the album’s release.

Scott Weiland stated in many interviews that ‘Tiny Music’ was his favorite album he had ever recorded. STP performed Core and Purple in their entirety on live streams last year, so one would have to expect a live performance of Tiny Music at some point.

Jeffreyc85 posted on the STP Reddit, “So next Friday March 26th is the 25th anniversary of tiny music, anybody wanna take bets that the boys will announce the super deluxe edition?”

JRollins67 wrote, “I think someone posted in this sub not too long ago that the artist who did the album artwork was working on it.”

Jeffreyc85 said, “They did, but it hasn’t been officially announced. Plus the Purple deluxe edition was announced on the original release date, hence my Tiny Music premonition.”

JRollins67 chimed in, “I’d say it’s pretty likely. And I am glad.

I am really looking forward to them livestreaming the album in its entirety.”

Jeffreyc85 responded, “Honestly Rhino knocks it out outta the park with these, I wish bands like Alice In Chains would do something similar and add concerts, b-sides, outtakes, etc. Its such a missed opportunity.”

JRollins67 concluded, “Alice In Chains, unfortunately, was not quite as prolific when it came to songwriting.

They put out everything already on the Music Bank box set. And it wasn’t much.”