Freddie Mercury Kisses Boyfriend In Stunning Photo


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury kissing his boyfriend Jim Hutton in a photo has recently surfaced. Hutton has become famous posthumously after his portrayal in the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ biopic. A photo of Freddie and Jim arguing backstage was revealed yesterday.

Freddie Mercury Club recently celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the release of “Pain Is So Close to Pleasure” as a single.

On August 20th 1986, exactly 33 years ago today, Queen released “Pain Is So Close to Pleasure” as the sixth single from A Kind of Magic album.

Written by Freddie Mercury & John Deacon the song began as a riff idea by Brian May but was turned into a song by its principal writers with John playing the rhythm guitar. The title also appears as a line in “One Year of Love”.

Like most of Freddie’s songs, the song has prominent keyboards and like most of John songs, it has a strong bass line. It is also one of the few songs in which Freddie sings all the vocals in falsetto.

Freddie Mercury Club commented, “P. S. I have to admit the first time I heard this I thought it was a Bee Gees song I know right? 😁 But Freddie’s falsettos are really EPIC…And I think we can agree that this is yet again another Deacury masterpiece 🙌”

Freddie Mercury’s statue was recently vandalized in terrible photos. Queen also recently announced that “Don’t Stop Me Now” has hit 500 million views on YouTube. Everyone is sure having a good time watching it!