Stone Temple Pilots Have Either Been Hacked, Or Changed Their Name To Sandy Valley


There has been bizarre activity on Stone Temple Pilots’ official Twitter page over the last few days. First a tweet was made a few days ago saying that several tweets had been deleted using the TLDDR app.


Then last night, the band’s Twitter handle changed to @TwtaTwta21, with the display name of Sandy Valley. They made the following tweet.


The account then used two apps to delete all of their tweets. No word on if Bleachbit was used.


Stone Temple Pilots have never been active on social media, so it definitely appears that the band have been hacked. The band were rumored to have auditioned John Borja as their new lead singer last month. Chester Bennington quit STP in November 2015, and Scott Weiland died in December 2015. The band launched a search for a new lead singer in February 2016.

UPDATE: They’ve changed their name back to Stone Temple Pilots, but the account’s tweets are still deleted.

Borja responded to rumors that he could get the STP gig in an interview with Filipino outlet Radio Republic last month.

“As of now I can’t give the full details yet, but there are clues or hints that seem to be favorable to me.”

“Let’s wait for them to give the official announcement.”

He added, “I respect the guys’ decision, whatever it is. It would be my honor to play music with them.”

He also discussed the band’s legendary late frontman Scott Weiland, “[Weiland] is irreplaceable. No doubt about it, but I think I can carry his legacy through my personality, despite being Filipino.”

He also discussed the sound he would bring to the band, “More melodic and powerful, that’s the kind of voice I can provide to STP.”

He said if he gets the gig, he expects to go back home to the Philippines first.

“I will take care of my family’s needs first, as they have always been supportive of my career. I might bring them to the U.S. if given the chance.”