Nikki Sixx Warns Eddie Vedder: ‘You’re Not Allowed’


Pearl Jam and Motley Crue seemingly have a very bad relationship. Both Eddie Vedder and Nikki Sixx have been noted going back and forth in the media. Pearl Jam’s Ten Club President Tim Bierman recently hit back at Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx for making some offensive comments on Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder had stated a couple weeks ago that he did not like Motley Crue due to their lyricism which displays women in a bad light. In fact, Eddie Vedder said how he despised the band. Nikki Sixx took this very personally.

Nikki Sixx on one occasion fired back at Eddie Vedder stating that Eddie had marbles in his mouth, and that his music was ‘boring.’ After that was stated by Nikki Sixx, Eddie Vedder did not respond to any of the comments that Nikki had made on Pearl Jam or himself directly, but he was definitely still upset. However, he did take an indirect jab at Motley Crue’s touring stage show with Chad Smith.

Nikki Sixx sends warning to Eddie Vedder

One of the fans who is fond of both Motley Crue and Pearl Jam said that “both are unique in their own ways and defined their own eras. However, it’s petty how Eddie Vedder came after Motley like that. I don’t blame Nikki for responding the way he did.”

Sixx took note of the Tweet and made it clear that Vedder is not allowed to ‘diss’ Motley Crue and he would be shot back at upon any more criticism. Sixx sent out a Tweet writing: “Your not allowed to diss my band and our 40 year history and not get a little smack back. All good. More focused on us playing stadiums right now. Moving on.”

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