Stone Temple Pilots Member Bitten By Snake, Photo Revealed


Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo has shared a new photo of a snake bite he recently suffered. DeLeo wrote on Instagram, “Lesson learned…Don’t try catching a large snake right before going on stage at an outdoor festival.”

Fans were concerned about DeLeo after seeing the photo, with a fan named TJ Divers commenting, “Oh wow,yeah bad idea Rob! No lasting damage I hope?”

Fortunately, the legendary STP bassist is okay.

DeLeo responded, “All good! The kid in me wanted to catch it. I knew it was a non poisonous garter snake, but all snakes bite! I’ve gotten rusty on my snake handling techniques!”

DeLeo discussed Jeff Gutt joining STP following the audition process in a recent AltWire interview.

“There definitely were some people who came in and who were great singers, but this person, whoever it was that we were to hire, they had a very big task in front of them. Not only being able to perform songs that were performed by one of the best, Scott, but it was also about looking ahead and making this new record and whatever records we were to make afterwards, and forging their own path. It’s an interesting situation, not only talent-wise but also psychologically, and there’s a lot that goes along with that. So it was the person who was best prepared for that. That’s where we all thought Jeff was the man for the job, so to speak.”