How Kurt Cobain Hilariously Embarrassed Gene Simmons Revealed


Nardwuar, who conducted one of the last on camera interviews with Kurt Cobain in early 1994 recently interviewed Nirvana’s In Utero producer Steve Albini at SXSW in Texas. Albini discussed KISS icon Gene Simmons calling the studio while the band was recording In Utero wanting to talk to Kurt Cobain.

“Gene Simmons actually phoned the studio looking to speak to the band. He had been given the number by the record label or management or something. He called the studio and Kurt didn’t want to talk to him, and he handed me the phone and said, ‘You can deal with him.’

So I pretended to be Kurt for awhile talking to Gene Simmons. They had a thing set up where you could record the telephone calls, so we recorded the conversation with Gene Simmons, where he admitted basically that he wasn’t familiar with Nirvana’s music or any of the bands that Kurt was sort of friends with. He wasn’t familiar with their music.”

Nardwuar then said, “I one time interviewed Gene Simmons, and he said: ‘Oh, I talked to Kurt Cobain.'”

Albini shot back, “Yeah, sorry to break the spell there Gene.”

You can watch the hilarious interview in its entirety below.